Tech of Life!

  Started with brand development and design, through Ennotec’s Inno-Tech connecting with various textile process, we produce fabrics in a scientific way to meet users’ demands and help brands to create a shortest  path of adding lifestyle value .

1.    Wind Resist:
Wind is invisible but exists. Too much of it makes you feel cool; too little feel stuffed. 0~30cfm is the most suitable for all seasons.

2.    Waterproof:
In face of fierce snowstorm, huge waves and strong wind, you need to keep the core dry and resist moisture to survive and conquer the challenge.

3.    Breathable:
Stuffiness is the most unbearable when you are in humid climate. The faster when the moisture is released, the better you feel, and that is the key to comfort. With the combination of W/P, you can deal with all kinds of weather conditions with ease and enjoy outdoor activities.

4.    Stretch:
Skin is unique, the least restraint organ in one’s body. Various stretch designs are based on skin-like flexibility and recovery to satisfy user’s different activity needs.

        a. To Move : Indoor & Daily.

        b. EZ Move: Yoga, Street dancer, Advance Legging.  

        c. Extra Move : Professional, compress, Medical.

5.    UV-Cut:
Due to the increasing greenhouse effects, UV-protection has become inevitable. People often let down their guard when the weather is nice. Through the fabric designs, you can keep skin from harm.

6.    Cooling system: Ventilation/AirFlow/:
When a man is in high heat, the faster the core temperature is introduced to reach a balanced state, the more comfortable you feel. By using the combination of fabric design, materials and postproduction to avoid discomfort by humidity and provide pleasant experience.

7.    MMT/Dry inside/Wet away:
Exercise usually makes you sweat and feel sticky. As long as moisture is vented to evaporate, you’ll feel at ease.

8.    Thermal:
Based on medical research, 36
is the perfect body temperature. No matter what condition you are in, keep your body temperature stable is the main design concept of thermal materials.

9.    DWR => PFOA Free:
Life and economy is not one without another, but a coexisting balance. Our cooperation starts with reducing PFCs in life.