second to save the earth!!

Saving the earth” should be an activity! It sounds hard , but just so easy to fulfill from now. All what you need is this simple flash from our daily lives –“Lessen energy usage” to change your mind and your habits :

1. No car driving one day per week.
2. Less meal , more fruit.
3. Using recyclable tableware.
4. Using stairs instead of elevators.
5. No more styrofoam cups.
6. Sort your daily garbages.
7. 80% storing your home refrigerator
8. Choose Eco-White goods and Brown goods.

“Many a little makes a mickle”. Here with more truths you might not know , Let’s do it for future of our next generations :

CO2 reduction list per day
We can do it together carbon footprint
No meat per meal 790
Walk 500m to office 32
Reduce hair dryer using time 3 mins 30
Decrease your daily garbage 1kg 2060
Raise 1℃ on A/C for 10 hours 840
Save one hour A/C operation time 1400
Hyperbird car driving 1285
Stop driving car to office 2360
Recycle your newspaper 61
Plug out an unnecessary 3C equipment 59
Shotdown laptop or screen in lunch time 240
Using T5 light bulb instead fluorescent lamp 649