Ennotec means Innovation in Latin, and it also means turning a brand new chapter by not forgetting the roots.

The financial crisis in 2008 is the driving force of Ennotec. A group of elites in Taiwan's textile industry co-founded Ennotec because they realized they couldn't fight the war all by themselves. Instead, they had to combine their strength and to see the clients' needs, and therefore turned their focus on each individual R&D field. They had to work together to have a better understanding of the market and to create the future.

We represents a combination of energetic, passionate, and experienced force of textile industry in the new era. Keeping the faith on fast pace, innovation and emphasis the importance of Intellectual property rights, we create one success and another. By our know-how, we'll implant our core value "Make Life Worthy" into our products and service, so as to enhance the life value of the clients and the public.

Ennotec makes fabric more than fabric but an embrace/protection bringing happiness to people.


Make life Worthy is our core value and mission.

We're given 24 hours, only by using proper service and efficient communication can we help clients accomplish temporary goal, so that they can use limited time for the beloved ones, strengthen their skills, and enhance their personal value. To promote this concept, we should start from ourselves and work together with clients to create one successful program after another to make users feel the quality of life.

QC Insists

Even though this is a fast-paced era, excellent quality is never out of fashion. This is also the self demand and seeking truth from facts. Ennotec focuses on reliable quality and service, employing TQM (Total Quality Management) and PDCA in all system. TQM is helpful on controlling production process and details; whereas PDCA lets us monitor, control and analyze cause and result more effectively, so as to become a database for further QC and R&D.


Our vision represents our expectation for coming future :

-One of the most reliable global fabric suppliers
-Fulfilling courage on upcoming challenges
-Make life worthy with you together.

We are seeking the business culture that emphasizes excellence, truth, honesty and responsibility. Through smart work, we definitely create a unique and satisfying experience for clients, consumers and the society. Why don't you experience it by yourself?